Advanced training Workshop

Cooperation Facility Arab/ African IHP – NATCOMs and G-WADI Coordination initiative for website Development and Training”(09-11 June 2015).

An initiative for coordination’s between the Arab and African IHP NATCOMs as well as G-WADI from both regions. The Project is executed by RCWH under the IHP-NATCOM1


From Egypt, Kenya, Sultanate of Oman, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Sudan


– Enhance Knowledge experience among Arab/African NATCOMs.

– Promote IHP in the Arab/African regions

– Introduce regional IHP activities

– Share technical documents publications

– Announce training program


– A website has developed ( in 3 languages (Arabic, English and French).

– 30 Experts have been trained.

– Forming and enhancing a networking among the Arab/ African IHP and G-WADI.